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Links are ordered from those with the most comprehensive content to more specific:

Comprehensive source of health and wellness information from the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health; has many features, including medical encyclopedia and dictionary, current news, & interactive tutorials and surgery videos.
Information on diseases & conditions, medications, healthy living, and health assessment; features "Find It Fast" button to look up a disease or condition, a symptom, or access first aid information; also has "Ask a Specialist" section.
From the American Academy of Family Physicians, search for medical information by condition or age/gender; features helpful healthy living, smart patient and over-the-counter guides.
Healthfinder, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Developed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, this site links to health and medical information from over 1,500 health-related organizations websites.
NOAH: New York Online Access to Health
Search variety of health topics and resources in English or Spanish.
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Browse "Popular Health Topics" to find information about types of complementary and alternative medicine and their relationship to the treatment of conditions and diseases.
Lab Tests Online
Resource focusing on information about clinical lab tests; searchable by test, conditions/diseases or age.
Innerbody - Human Anatomy Online
Interactive diagrams of the systems of the human body; excellent reference site to learn more about descriptions of medical conditions.
Search National Library of Medicine's online directory of health organizations, research centers and research projects.
Toll-Free Numbers for Health Information
Selected toll-free numbers for organizations providing health-related information, education, and support from the National Health Information Center.
From the National Institutes of Health, provides current information about clinical research studies.


National Institute of Mental Health
Search"Mental Health Topics" for descriptions of disorders and treatments and to locate mental health services, affordable healthcare, & NIMH clinical trials.

Mental Health America

Search for information by audience, issue or disorders & treatments. Addresses all aspects of mental health and mental illness with information on advocacy, education, research and service.

Links are ordered from those with the most comprehensive content to more specialized

Drug Digest
Information on prescription drugs (including pill photos) & vitamins, herbs & supplements, drug comparisons and interactions. Also includes news about medications.

Office of Dietary Supplements
From National Institutes of Health, an overview of dietary supplements; under "Health Information" find helpful fact sheets for specific vitamins, minerals, & botanicals; section on warnings and safety information.
Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
Food and Drug Administration's information about the products they regulate, including new prescription and over-the-counter drug approvals, drug safety and side effects, and public health alerts.
Partnership for Prescription Assistance
Find how individuals without prescription coverage can qualify and obtain the medicines they need through public and private programs.


MedlinePlus Directories:
Doctors/Dentists, Healthcare Providers, Hospitals/Clinics/Other Facilities
Good starting point from the National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health; lists of doctors, dentists, specialists & other healthcare providers, hospitals & clinics, healthcare facilities & services, other facilities and libraries.


Professional information on American Medical Association's licensed physicians in the United States and its possessions. Searches may also be made for non-AMA members
NYS Physician Profile
NYS Department of Health lists profiles of all licensed doctors of medicine and doctors of osteopathy registered in New York State; includes board certification, education, practice information, legal actions, professional activities, and physician statements. Note: Legal action is self-reporting on this site. Go to the Professional Misconduct and Physician Discipline search that is next on this list.
Professional Misconduct and Physician Discipline
NYS Office investigates complaints about physicians, physician assistants and specialist assistants and monitors practitioners who have been placed on probation; Look up health professionals by name, license number, license type or date.

Hospitals & Clinics

Hospital Compare
US Dept. of Health & Human Services provides hospital information on adult patient services, including hospital contact information, comparisons of hospitals, quality measures, questions to consider before going to a hospital, and patient rights.
NYS Hospital Profile
NYS Department of Health provides information about hospitals in New York State and the quality of care they provide.
Nursing Home Locator
Easy-to-use county locator for finding nursing facilities; includes guidelines for selecting a nursing home; info from New York State Health Facilities Organization.
Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator
Find drug and alcohol treatment programs nearest you.

Health Plans/Insurance

Health Insurance Programs
NYS Department of Health provides links to health assistance programs and services.
Interactive New York Consumer Guide to HMO's
Easy-to-read tables comparing HMO performance and premiums, historical complaint data and tips on how to choose an HMO.
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
From the Department of Health & Human Services, information on Medicare and Medicaid including, but not limited to information on eligibility, coverage, and health plans.


NYS Addiction Services HOPEline
Find help for alcoholism, drug abuse, problem gambling.
Call 1-877-8-HOPENY (1-877-846-7369)

Information on HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention and research.

American Dental Association
Features A-Z topic search, how to choose a dentist, answers to frequently asked questions about oral health care and treatment, insurance and policies. Also in Spanish.

American Heart Association
Warning signs for heart attack and stroke, healthy lifestyle information, CPR and ECC classes, local info and more. Also in Spanish
In-depth treatment section (in Cancer Information); also excellent resource for preventing, detecting and coping with the effects of cancer.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Infectious disease information with archive of government data and statistics
. Also in Spanish.

Health Information in easy-to-understand language from Medline Plus. Includes interactive tutorials and some information in Spanish.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Government agency that that regulates and supplies information about food, drugs, medical devices, biologics, animal feed & drugs, cosmetics and radiation-emitting products.

Food and Nutrition Information Center
Food and human nutrition information, including topics from A - Z, supplements, dietary guidelines, and the food guide pyramid from the National Agricultural Library.

Genetics Home Reference
Consumer-friendly information about the effects of genetic variations on human health.
Haz-Map: Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Agents
Information about the health effects of exposure to chemicals at work.
Health Information Project
Top teen-recommended videos, fiction & nonfiction books available through Mid-Hudson Library System public libraries; highest-ranked websites listed.
Household Products Database
Easy-to-understand information on common household products including their potential health effects and safety and handling information.
Internet safety for teens
Internet Safety for Teens -
Site where teens and their parents can learn safe, civil and responsible use of the Internet.
MedlinePlus - Find a Library
A list of libraries throughout the country that provide health information services to local residents.
MedlinePlus for Low Vision Users
Interactive health tutorials and senior health information in large fonts, audio on each page and easy-to-read language.
Minority Health & Multi-Cultural Resources for Health Information
National Library of Medicine's Outreach Activities and Resources page. Info for individual minority groups and on laws, policies, standards, organizations and portals including refugee portal; includes health resources in many languages.
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Drug information & facts and drug education resources & materials; separate sections for students and young adults, parents and teachers, researchers and health professionals; part of the National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services.
National Organization for Rare Disorders
Good index of rare diseases.
National Women's Health Information Center
Health information and referral center for women. Also in Spanish.
Other Language Resources
Links to useful multilingual online health resources. Organized by specific languages.
Senior Health
Easily accessible aging-related health information with large print and "talking" function capabilities from the National Institutes of Health.
Teen Drug and Alcohol Intervention: A step-by-step guide for parents who suspect or know their teens are drinking or using drugs.
Smoking Cessation Information (NYS) and How to Quit
Links to centers and programs that focus on smoking cessation and self-help information on how to quit.
STOP (Stop Ticks on People)
Focuses on safe environmental solutions to tick control, reducing the incidence and prevalence of tick-borne disease through education, research and prevention.
Travelers' Health
Select travel health information according to destination, find out about vaccinations, insect protection, diseases, illness and injury abroad, safe food and water and more from the Centers for Disease Control.
Treatment 4 Addiction
Treatment 4 Addiction is a frequently updated treatment center directory. This national directory includes the SAMSHA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) database, as well as many private treatment centers, therapists and addiction professionals. Articles, videos and blogs on types of treatment, addictions, and mental health disorders are also available through this site.


Evaluating Health Information
Many links from Medline Plus that assist with finding, evaluating and interpreting health information in online and print formats.
Evaluating Internet Health Information Tutorial
A 16-minute tutorial from the National Library of Medicine.
Buying Medicines and Medical Products Online
From the Food and Drug Administration, information about buying medicine and other products online including things to watch out for.

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The above consumer health information sites have been selected and are maintained by the Health Information Project Coordinator. They were compiled with the assistance of Medical Library Association MedWeb training courses, "Consumer Health Information" ,WebMed Training Series, "Consumer Health Information in the Public Library", Health Care Resources on the Internet, edited by M. Sandra Wood, and library health information specialists.